Friday, May 14, 2010

Need a Self-Esteem Boost?

Hang out with a toddler for a little while and then try to leave.  Yesterday, I met my sister at her daughter's daycare so she could give me her extra carseat.  (I'm picking up Livy today to help Jo out since she is entertaining guests from out of town).  We went inside and as soon as Livy saw me, she said my name and asked to be picked up.  We stayed at the daycare for a little while, talking to the teachers, and going over what I'd need to do today to pick up Livy by myself.  Then we went out to the parking lot so Jo could secure the other carseat in my car.  All the while, I've been holding Livy and chatting with her about her day and her friends at school.  When it came time to put Livy in her own car and part ways, she started crying.  I gave her hugs and kisses and kept telling her I'd be seeing her tomorrow, but she continued to cry.  She kept repeating my name and reaching out for me.  It's hard to walk away from that!  I started to get in my car, and Jo rolled down Livy's window.  I could still hear her yelling my name.  It's such a funny, bittersweet experience.  I felt bad about leaving her, since she was obviously upset, but I also had a pleasant feeling from knowing she really didn't want me to leave.  If that doesn't make you feel loved and needed, I don't know what does!  I can't wait to see that beautiful little girl again today!


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CGC said...

aw that breaks my heart! so cute!! have fun today!!