Friday, June 24, 2022

Sweet Sixteen

Sometimes our 16-year marriage has been about the exciting moments - like the time Jer bought a spectator pass at my VIP experience with tennis pros because I wanted someone to take pictures of it. Or the time we had a field pass before a 49ers game and he slipped past security, so I waved him on while I turned back, because I knew it would be awesome for him to shake the owner's hand. 

Sometimes it's been about the sad moments - holding each other after the loss of loved ones and pregnancy losses.

Sometimes it's been about the small moments - watching Jeopardy together every day and taking turns on kid duty in the mornings so the other gets a few extra minutes of sleep.

No matter the day, no matter the moment - it's always been about love, mutual respect, honesty, and friendship. It feels like we've already lived a lifetime together, and I'm incredibly grateful for that. Bring on the next 16!