Thursday, December 2, 2021

Jude Turns Seven

Lucky Number 7 for our Judy cutie! He’s smart and witty and has turned into a mama’s boy (I’m not complaining). He loves games, books, hoodies, leisure wear and our Corgi, Zoey. He also loves animals in general, so we hired an exotic petting zoo to come to our house! They brought a sloth, an armadillo, a coatimundi, a spider monkey, a lemur, and a kinkajou. It was an awesome experience! The spider monkey was the most mind-blowing. It really behaved like a small child and was 3 feet tall!

My friend Rachel made themed cake balls for the party and they were a hit!

Jude is such a special boy and I love being his mom. I read to/with him almost every night and he gets upset if I have to skip a night due to work or being out of town. He absolutely does not need me to read to him, because he reads at a high level, but he enjoys our time together. I must say, I do too!

Other nicknames we have for him are: Judy, Judy Booty, Judy Moody, Judith Tanner.