Thursday, September 8, 2022

Got That New New

Living in an older home means there are endless projects to tackle. A couple of the big ones we have knocked out so far this year were replacing part of our fence and replacing a few of our exterior doors. I have no idea how long ago the wooden fence was originally installed at our house, but it's been in place since at least our ownership, which has been 9 years. It's been leaning in one section for a while, and got quite a bit worse over the past year. Another section had been covered in ivy, but after the deep freeze of 2021 killed the plants, we removed them to find the boards were pretty deteriorated and old. 

I've heard people being hit lately with massive quotes on fence replacement, so I was bracing myself. Luckily, we found a guy who would place the supplies order on our behalf, so we could pay the distributer directly, thereby insuring no markup on supplies. Then we paid him for labor after the job was done. I have to think that lowered our overall cost. I'm very pleased with the end results!

For the doors project, it took a little longer than I had hoped from order to installation because of supply chain issues. Still worth the wait, though! We replaced a couple doors to an outside supply closet, our back patio door, and our double front doors. The front doors definitely had the biggest improvement! 

Before and after of back patio door

Outside before view of front doors

Inside before view of front doors

Outside after view

Inside after view

The new look is much more modern and lets light inside, while still ensuring privacy. The previous doors didn't let any light in, so the entry way was always very dark. 

Still a lot more projects on the to-do list, including painting our brick and remodeling our pool, but it's always nice to get a couple more under our belt.