Sunday, November 2, 2014

Things I'm Loving This Week

1. Salata - My friend, Kristen, introduced me to this restaurant. I know salads probably aren't very exciting to a lot of people, but since I'm a vegetarian, I love this place.  I can customize a salad or wrap from a ton of fresh ingredients and feel very full afterward.  I also love the fact that I can order online ahead of time and pick up as a to-go order. I'm busy all the time and usually have to get to-go meals during lunch or after evening showings. I hardly eat fast food anymore and there's not a lot of take-out restaurants that appeal to me because of their lack of vegetarian options.  Salata really hits the spot!

2. Crystal Light Liquid Flavors - I try to make the majority of my liquid intake each day be water. Water can be pretty boring, though. When I used to bring a bottle of water with me to my office, I would go through 16.9oz over a couple hours.  Now that I add a Crystal Light flavor to it, I typically go through 2-3 bottles over a couple of hours.  It just tastes so much better.  My favorite flavor of the moment is Strawberry Lemonade.

3. Amazon - I mean, seriously, who doesn't love Amazon?  The more pregnant I get, the more I order things from Amazon.  Making a trip to the store is not very appealing to me at this stage, and if I can get something 1-2 days after ordering, that works just fine. I keep adding more and more things to our Subscribe 'n Save orders too.  It's nice to put things on a schedule that you use consistently (diapers, wipes, dog food, drinks, etc) and get them at a discounted price.  In total, I placed orders for 28 items in October. Lol. Another big benefit of Amazon is how it syncs with our Discover cashback cards, so that we can use our cashback balance towards orders.  It's pretty common for our orders to be "free" because we have enough cashback available to cover it.

4. Light Vanilla Soymilk - Meezy is lactose intolerant, but likes eating cereal, so he started buying soymilk. I was skeptical at first, because for some reason I thought soymilk would be gross.  This flavor is delicious, however. We go through quite a few cartons of this each month. I drink it straight up or in fruit smoothies.  It's a good source of protein and calcium, more so than dairy milk.

5. Slow Cooker Vegetarian Chili - I thought becoming a vegetarian would mean giving up chili, but I was wrong.  I love this recipe and can eat it for days in a row.  It wouldn't be hard to add meat to, if you're not a vegetarian. So simple to make in a crockpot and enjoy for multiple meals.