Friday, May 7, 2010

The Doggles and Livy

My niece, Livy, spent the night at my house the other night when my sister was dealing with the aftermath of her house being broken into.  This isn't the first time she's been over, so she's had a little bit of prior interaction with my three doggles.  I taught her all their names, and she knows who is who.  Apparently Casey is her favorite, but I'm not sure if it's because she actually likes her the best, or just likes saying her name the best.  She always says it with such gusto, and then smiles!  I love it.  I have multiple nicknames for my Corgle, Riley, and sometimes I forget that I'm using them.  I referred to him as "Bubba" when I asked if he wanted to go outside, and Livy mimicked me.  Oh my gosh, hearing a 21 month old say "Bubba" is adorable.

We took Riley for a walk, and I couldn't help but laugh when Livy pointed to his leash and said, "tail."  Well, it does look like a tail, and since Riley doesn't have one, it would definitely seem logical that it was his tail.  My sister told me later that she's got a monkey backpack that Livy wears sometimes, where the tail of the monkey is a long leash.  Now it makes perfect sense.  She's a pretty smart cookie, even if she wasn't technically correct!  When it got close to bedtime, I laid down on the couch with Livy, side by side.  Riley jumped up and laid on top of me, where he could be near Livy as well.  She pointed to all his different facial features and told me what they were.  Then she squeezed his face, poked his eye, patted his head, etc, etc.  Riley just sat there and let her do whatever she wanted.  I was so proud of my Bubba.  He's going to be a patient big brother some day.  After Livy fell asleep, I kicked Riley off and set up a pillow fortress around Livy to keep her secure.  I moved over to the other couch and expected Riley to follow suit since he usually goes wherever I go.  (He's a big-time mama's boy and feels the need to claim/protect me as much as possible).  Instead, he laid on the floor next to Livy's couch.  I guess he's got a new companion to look after now.  I'm okay with that.  :)

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