Monday, May 24, 2010

Arcade Junkie

Last Friday, my company held its annual bowling tournament at 300 Dallas.  We got randomly assigned to teams and had to pick a name and order t-shirts.  My team was "I Drink Your Milkshake" and we wore these t-shirts:

I love this event every year because you get to mingle with folks you don't necessarily see on a day-to-day basis, everyone has at least some bowling ability, the drinks are free and ever-flowing, and the gaming is unlimited.  Yep, unlimited!  That might be my favorite part.  I freakin love playing video games at arcades.  My lane just happened to be right next to the arcade area, so I would bowl a frame, run over and play the basketball game with my coworker, and then run back to the lane.  I'm such a nerd.  I also hit up the Dance, Dance, Revolution game (which I sucked at), Guitar Hero, and air hockey.  At one point as I was playing guitar, my teammate yelled, "Hey Janet - after you finish your's your turn to bowl."  LOL.  Sorry, guys!    

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CGC said...

that sounds like lots of fun!