Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Security System is the Bomb Dot Com

Today we activated the new security system at our house, and we are in awe!  It's really amazing.  We ordered all the control panels and sensors from FrontPoint Security and installed them ourselves.  It was super easy and didn't take much time at all.  Once they were up and running, we logged into our account and customized all our settings.  From the website you can see the status of your alarm system, arm or disable it, see the status of all the sensored doors and windows, and see the history of all activity in your house.  In other words, it will show me when each door/window was opened or closed, when the system was armed/disabled, if any sensors are malfunctioning, and if any sensors have low batteries.  The same information can be found on the free Iphone app provided by the company.  Here are some screenshots of what it looks like on my phone:

If I drive away from the house and realize I have forgotten to turn on the alarm, I can access the app and arm it remotely.  Or, if I need to give someone access to the house but don't want them to have our alarm code, I can also disable it remotely.  Nice!  We also purchased a wireless camera so I can periodically check in on any happenings inside the house, especially when we leave the dogs inside!  The live feed from it is always available through our online account, or through the Iphone app.  How cool is that?  It doesn't matter where I'm at, all I have to do is be near a computer or my phone and I can watch a live feed from inside my house.  It records short clips from the feed and saves it to a server if it detects motion, or if any alarm is triggered.  Here's a short video that was captured and saved when I came home from my football game earlier tonight:

We are so pleased with how advanced this system is.  ADT and Broadview have nothing on FrontPoint!

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