Monday, September 6, 2010

Great Oma Reads to Livi

My Oma is in her nineties, and my niece Olivia recently turned two.  I'm so glad that Oma has been able to see Olivia grow up these past two years, and likewise that Olivia has been able to spend time with her great Oma.  There's no telling how many years Oma still has with us, and the thought of her not being around for my future children makes me sad sometimes.  However, my sister showed me something this weekend that I think is a really neat way to make sure Oma is a part of our lives for many more years to come.
Joanna bought a children's book at Hallmark that lets you record someone reading each page.  It automatically plays what you've recorded once each page turns, and then you can lock it so that the audio can't be recorded over accidentally.  I think it's a perfect idea for family members that are out of town, or for family members that might not be around much longer.  When I first went through the book that Oma recorded, I had to hold back tears.  I love it.  Her Dutch accent is strong, but here it is:   

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