Friday, September 17, 2010

On The Agenda

I have to say I haven't handled the death of our family friend so well.  I can't think about her or her family without tears welling up in my eyes.  If I see a mention of her on facebook from someone in her family, it evokes a lot of emotions.  I'm not sure how it's going to go in a couple of weeks at her memorial service, but we'll see.  My sister, Jo, has been very helpful during this time, because she's a calm, logical voice of reason.  Unfortunately, and in some ways fortunately, she's had to face loss of life from breast cancer all too often over her past few years of working at Komen.  She's been able to learn how to approach it from a rational standpoint, while keeping her emotions in check.  I wish I had her strength!  She did tell me the other day that she felt helpless while watching our friend battle this disease, though, especially because of where she works.  She's a part of an organization that is leading the fight against breast cancer, funding vital research to find a cure and providing grants for essential services for breast cancer detection.  She wished her involvement with Komen meant something more could've been done for our friend.  The sad truth is that a cure still hasn't been found, and our family friend lost her battle despite everyone's best efforts.  Even though Jo felt saddened about not being able to help more, I can't help but feel proud about what she does every day.  Her work has much greater meaning than most people's (mine included).  Komen's job isn't to turn a profit or make their employees richer.  While they can't save everyone, their mission directly and indirectly does save lives.  I'm so thankful for every single person at her organization that contributes to that mission.

Since the goal of my day job isn't to save the world, I've had to find other ways to try and do my part!  I've supported as many friends as I could that have taken up the cause of fighting breast cancer.  I'm so proud of everyone that's raising money, and I'm happy to help them reach their goals!  I've also got some events on the agenda.  I'll be participating in the Dallas County Komen 5K race in October with my best friend, Jenn, whose mom beat breast cancer.  I'll be volunteering at the Komen 3day in November (and cheering on the 3 daughters of the recently deceased friend).  I'll also be participating in the Big D Climb in January with two friends who recently lost their good friend to lymphoma.  I can't say that I feel pride in knowing I'm making a difference on a daily basis, but I'm working on at least putting in the effort on the weekends.  :)  Seriously though, I don't take my good fortune and health for granted, and I just want to give a little bit of my time and money to help someone else who might need it.            

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TheWunnik said...

k, so now you made your 'logical and rational' big sister get all teary-eyed.