Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Consider Me Miles Davis

The other night, Meezy and I were playing tennis at a local park.  The park was pretty deserted, except for one guy sitting on a bench near the courts, talking on his phone or something.  After having played for more than an hour, we had completely forgotten about that guy and assumed he had left.  It started to get pretty dark around the area, but the courts had lights, so we continued playing.  As it got later, a flashing light came on above the courts and we figured that was an alert to let us know the lights would be turning off soon.  Sure enough, the lights shut off and we were left in complete darkness.  We both just laughed and inched our way over to my tennis bag to grab my phone.  It was seriously pitch black, so we used my phone as a flashlight to try and gather the tennis balls and head home.  Meezy left the court area to try and retrieve the two balls we had hit over the fence.  I shined my phone towards his general area while he was out there, to give him some help.  He found the balls and started heading back to the courts.  He couldn't see much, but he knew which direction he needed to go.  In the meantime, I used my phone to light my path around the court area to find the rest of the balls.  I found the last one and started walking back towards my bag, with a sight visibility of only like 2 feet in front of me.  All of a sudden, a voice that wasn't Meezy's came from INSIDE the pitch black court area.  The same area I was standing in, by myself, with no visibility.  I gasped and almost peed my pants.  It took me a second of getting over my shock to realize exactly what the guy had said.  "I think if you push this button here, the lights will come back on."  Big sigh of relief.  He wasn't a murderer or a thief, just the guy in the park from earlier who realized our predicament.  I said, "Oh, that's alright.  We're heading out anyways.  Thanks!"  (and thanks for not killing us!)  It's quite alarming to think you're alone somewhere and then realize you're vulnerable and in the company of a stranger.  Meezy made his way back onto the court and we quietly discussed what had just happened, while we gathered our things.  I told him I almost freaked out, and he said he had been a few steps away when he heard the voice and immediately switched his racket into his dominant hand in case he needed to beat someone down.  Hilarious.  We had to look at the situation and laugh about it because we got paranoid for nothing, but in that split second, I was truly terrified!

"If peeing your pants is the coolest, consider me Miles Davis." - Billy Madison movie       

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