Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Working Towards That Sticker

I've got a new challenge for myself.  I want to earn this sticker:

To do this, I am going to participate in the Dallas White Rock Half Marathon in December.  I have no illusions of being able to finish in a reputable time - I am merely trying to finish!  There are about 13 weeks until the race, so I found a 12-week half marathon training plan online.  It's on Hal Higdon's website here.  I'm glad I've got an extra week to work with, so I can miss a day here or there and still get all my necessary training in.  I also started the plan one day off the schedule (I skipped Monday's stretch & strengthen and went straight to Tuesday's assignment) because I wanted the first rest day to coincide with the day I get my wisdom teeth taken out (tomorrow, ack!).  So even though it's technically Wednesday, I've done the training for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  I've already seen improvement in my running in 3 short days, so that's encouraging.  The schedule looks daunting, and it will take a lot of dedication, but I'm excited.  Jer is doing the first week's training with me on a trial basis while he determines if his ankle can handle this adventure.  I hope it can, because it would be great to have him running beside me in December.  Wish me luck!

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