Sunday, September 12, 2010

A Rough Weekend

Early Saturday morning I received the news that our family friend, Dianne Horton, passed away.  Recently she had stopped chemo because the lesions in her brain were not responding to the treatment (after being diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer last year and undergoing numerous rounds of radiation).  We knew this meant she wouldn't have much time left with us, but it didn't make her passing any easier.  I weep for the people she left behind - her husband, her three beautiful daughters, her two grandchildren, and countless other friends and family members.  Dianne and her husband Hank had been friends with my parents for 30+ years.  Their three girls and my sisters and I grew up together.  One of their daughters, Sarah, was born on the same day as my sister, Joanna.  We went to church together, went to camp together, took vacations together, celebrated holidays and birthdays together, and over the past year walked in the Komen events together.  To think that these girls no longer have their mom with them breaks my heart.  I'm not even going to go into the 'why' questions because there are just too many of them and there are just no good answers.  When her obituary and memorial service details become available, I will post them here.  The daughters, Sarah, Rachel, and Rebecca, will be participating in the Komen 3day in memory of their mother.  Please consider making a donation to their team so we can fight this disease and hopefully prevent other kids from losing their mom too soon.  Their team page can be found here.       

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