Monday, June 7, 2010

More Preparation!

I made a couple more steps forward this past weekend in the preparations for our Europe trip.  We met with our housesitter on Saturday so she could get acquainted with our house and meet our doggles.  I was a little nervous that Juneau wouldn't be on her best behavior and might scare the lady away, but she was perfect!  You could tell this lady was comfortable around dogs of all sizes and temperaments, so I'm sure that helped the situation.  I'll let you know how it worked out with her after we get back from our trip.   

I also bought a couple bags I deemed "essential" for traveling to Europe.  (Getting a 20% off coupon to Coach might've helped that designation).  Our trip to Mexico last weekend made me realize I needed a padded tote bag of some sort to carry around our camera and lenses while we're sight-seeing.  It also would be nice if that bag was big enough to double as my carry-on bag and hold my laptop and other assorted things I'll need on the long flight.  Problem solved!  The one I found below is very roomy, has tons of compartments and zipper pockets on the interior, and even a few on the exterior.  It has two shorter straps for wearing on my shoulder, or a longer strap if I prefer to drape it across my body.  And did I mention it's pink on the inside?  Adorable.  No one needs to know that this is technically a diaper bag.  Once I remove the changing pad, no one will be able to tell.  ;)

There will be some times when I don't want to lug around the big bag though, or we'll be going to places where I don't want to have my expensive camera, or going to places where I don't feel comfortable just having my passport and money in my back pocket, so I bought another, much smaller, bag for those occasions.  I just wanted something compact and thin, that can sling across my body (to help prevent theft!), but that can hold my passport, money, and point and shoot camera.  This guy filled that need for me:

Last thing - I also bought these adorable personalized, polka dot luggage tags.  I need my bag to stand out since it's the standard black color!

With these recent purchases, and since Jer bought me some awesome luggage this past Christmas, I think I am set.  Hurry up, Europe!  I'm ready to go!

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