Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Day for Dads

This year we decided to travel to Amarillo for Father's Day.  My dad lives in Dallas, and we get to see him often, but Jer's dad is in Amarillo and we thought it would be nice to make the trip for this special occasion.  We had dinner with him and Jer's grandmother, and the rest of Jer's siblings and significant others, and it was really nice.  For his dad's gift, Jer picked out a DVD about Ric Flair and the Four Horsemen (yeah, no clue here either).  Apparently they grew up watching wrestling with their dad, especially those guys, so Jer thought it would be a cool way to reminisce.  It went over really well, so bravo to Jer.  The next day we had lunch with Jer's grandparents on his mom's side.  His grandfather is a hoot, and there's never a dull moment in conversation with him.  We actually sat around for a while and he asked me about my family's history, my job, our plans for our Europe trip, etc. I don't think we've ever really sat down one-on-one and talked for an extended period of time, so it was cool.  When it was time to leave, he told me that he really enjoyed talking with me.  I thought that was sweet.  :)  Here's a pic of Granddad with little KC on Father's Day:

And little man, being his usual cute self:

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