Friday, June 4, 2010

If the Universe Calls, Take a Message

Is the universe trying to tell us something?  Jer has been out of commission for over a month now, thanks to a hamstring injury and then torn ligaments in his ankle.  He's finally feeling better, but is taking it slow because he doesn't want to be injured on our Europe trip.  My troubles started with a strained quad, then a strained hamstring, and now a nasty jam of the lower knuckle in my right pinky finger.  Playing softball, volleyball, and football every week definitely increases my chance of injury, but c'mon!  It's summertime!  I'm supposed to be outside, doing active things.

This current injury is unfortunately the most troubling to me.  Not being able to hold any weight or put any pressure on my right hand kinda precludes me from EVERY sport I play.  I'm hoping it's very temporary and I can get back to action quickly.  Getting ready this morning was interesting though.  Try doing everything with your non-dominant hand.  Frustrating!  Typing with 1.5 hands is hard too (I'm avoiding using the pinky and ring finger).  Hopefully ice and lack of use will speed the recovery process.  If the universe is trying to tell me and Jer to stop playing so many sports, it's not working.  We're too stubborn for that.

  Swollen and currently useless

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