Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome to the World!

Jer and I were thrilled to travel to Amarillo this past weekend to meet our new nephew.  I even woke up at 4:30am on Saturday morning to accomplish this feat, so that should tell you how important it was to us!  (In other words, I am NOT a morning person).  The new parents, Michal-ann and Cary, adore their little bundle of joy, even if he doesn't let them sleep very much right now.  :)  KC is beautiful, of course, and we were so glad we got to spend a little time with him.

Jer and I offered to make a Target run for Michal-ann and Cary since they have their hands full, which resulted in a comical 20 minutes spent in the breastfeeding aisle trying to figure out if we were getting the right things off the shopping list.  Why do they sell storage bottles separately that can double as feeding bottles, extra nipples separately to use with those bottles, but not the collars separately that are also necessary to use them???  Yeah, it's a mystery.  After returning from our trek, we spent a while longer with KC, but left so the new little family could have some time together.

On Sunday we were lucky enough to spend time with KC again during a family lunch at my mother-in-law's house.  He seemed pretty tuckered out from all the activity over the past few days, and spent most of the time sleeping in his Aunt Felicia's arms.

Jer took a turn holding KC, which I definitely felt needed to be captured on film.  I look forward to the day when he holds his own child in his arms for the first time, but I digress.  Little KC is lucky enough to have a lot of aunts and uncles (and grandparents!) ready and willing to spoil him!  He has already brought so much joy into everyone's lives, in the short 6 days that he's been on this earth. 

 While we may be 350 miles away, we'll never be far.  Happy birthday, KC.  We'll see you soon.


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too stinkin' cute!! omg!