Monday, March 29, 2010

The New Fence!

Our new fence is complete and we are thrilled!  It was a rough few days having to manage three dogs without use of the backyard, but we're glad we did it.  It also made us a tad bit insecure not having a fence for a while, especially when our motion sensor lights kept going off overnight and keeping us awake and paranoid!  Since we extended the fence line up to the front of the house, the dogs have a little more room to play.  But, we added a concrete footer and kickboard on the new fence, so they can't dig out anymore!  Sorry doggles!

The fence is 6' board-on-board clear cedar, capped on the top.  With the footer, kickboard, and capping, the actual height is closer to 7', which means more privacy.  The two new gates have ornate headers with some neat detailing.


They added detail woodwork and arches to the section of the fence by the front of the house that faces out to the street.  I think it's a really nice touch!

We had the metal posts facing the alley enclosed with wood and matching headers installed on them to complete the look.
I'm very, very happy with the results and think it was money well spent!  If you need a new fence in the DFW area and have any questions about our builder, Cisco Fencing, let me know!     

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