Saturday, March 6, 2010

I told you so! I told you so!

Today was a BEAUTIFUL day, which reminded me how much I love spring and summer.  If I can wear capris, short sleeves, and flip flops, I'm a happy girl.  But I digress.  The real reason I'm writing is because Jer just started streaming The Cable Guy on Netflix, and it reminded me of a funny story.  Having grown up in Dallas, I had been to Medieval Times as a child.  It seems to be a place for schools or community groups to bring kids on field trips, or as an outing for families with small kids.  I remember it being mildly entertaining, but nothing I'd care to make a second visit to.  Since Jer grew up in Amarillo, he had no idea what Medieval Times was until he watched The Cable Guy.  In that movie, it makes it out to be a pretty fun place with lots of yummy food, fighting knights, and exciting competitions.

A couple years ago Jer and I attended an event that featured a silent auction.  We were perusing the items up for bid, when Jer noticed two tickets to Medieval Times.  They usually go for $60 apiece, but I think the highest bid was only $40 or so.  He said, "Oh!  We should totally bid on that.  I think that place is really cool!"  I was like, "Umm, no.  That place is for kids, and it's not that cool."  He didn't believe me, because he had seen The Cable Guy and it looked pretty sweet on there.  I tried to tell him that I had been there before, and it really wasn't going to impress a 25 year old guy.  Jer wouldn't take my word for it, and we ended up bidding on and winning the tickets.  Great.  So we get home and I throw the tickets in a drawer, figuring he'll forget about them.  A few months go by and he stumbles across the tickets and realizes they're about to expire.  I try again to tell him that his expectations are probably WAY too high, but he thinks I'm exaggerating. 

So we attend a performance and it goes as I expected.  We're surrounded by kids, the food is gross, the storyline is super cheesy, and the fighting is not even close to believable.  Halfway through Jer leans over and says, "They normally charge $60 each for THIS?"  Yeah.  I told you so!  I told you so!  At least he admitted I was right.  Those two hours were pretty unbearable, but we can joke about it now.  The good thing that came from that experience is that whenever Jer mentions something that I know isn't fun, all I have to say is "Medieval Times" and he gets the picture.  

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