Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mama

One of my sisters came up with a great idea for my mom's birthday this past year.  Her birthday is on Christmas and she told us not to get her anything, but how could we really let my mom's birthday go by without getting her a gift?  Since she didn't need or want anymore "things," we opted to go a different route.  We compiled a list of family and close friends and contacted them with a request.  We asked if they could take a few minutes to write a letter to my mom.  It didn't need to be long or formal or anything in particular - just something from the heart from those she loves most.  My mom loves correspondence and reading and writing, so we figured this would be much better than buying her something.  We started making requests in October, and asked that letters/cards be sent to my sister's address for safekeeping.  That way we could compile them all secretly and then present them at one time on Christmas.  By the time her birthday came around, we had nearly 40 letters!  Here's a video of when we presented them to her:

And here's a pic of what she received:

She stayed up way too late that night reading all the letters, and she said she cried over and over again!  She was truly floored and grateful to all the senders, and we were just happy to provide the opportunity for so many people to tell our mom how much she meant to them.  We were happy to get to do that too.  Love you, mama.  Happy birthday!

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