Friday, March 1, 2013

Try New Places

For February, our resolution was to try a new place at least once a week. (We're not doing one new years resolution for the whole year - we're doing different resolutions each month).  We accomplished that goal, with mixed results!  Here is where we went, with our reviews:

1. Miguelito's, Hurst - We met Meezy's brother and wife at the movies in Hurst and decided to try this place out afterwards.  The hot sauce was alright, the queso was nothing special, and they messed up my sister-in-law's order.  The food tasted fine, but it wasn't good enough to bring me back for a return visit.

2. Becks Prime, Dallas -  This restaurant is a cool concept.  You order from a walk-up counter, and the food is made quickly, but it is high quality and not cheap!  For just Meezy and I, I think our total was $30 something dollars. You can get steak, seafood, burgers, chicken sandwiches, etc.  It's a fast food feel, but the food is gourmet.  I like this concept because we wouldn't have brought our baby to a steak restaurant, but we felt totally comfortable bringing him here and could get the same caliber of food while spending less time waiting for it.  Meezy ordered the Bill's Burger and I got the grilled chicken sandwich - both were really good.  We also ordered the wood-fired queso and it was delicious.  All of the employees were very friendly and it was a great experience.  Our only complaint was that the time at the register took too long, either because they were slow on the registers, or they just needed more employees manning them.  They hadn't been open for long when we visited, so maybe this kink has been worked out.  Either way, we'd go back!

3. Fujiyama Sushi, Carrollton - I was watching an episode of Shark Tank and one of the entrepreneurs was pitching an idea related to sushi restaurants.  That kicked off a sushi craving in my brain, and I thought about it for the next couple of days.  Meezy found this local sushi restaurant, so we decided to give it a shot.  We took Dutch there, but he started to act fussy once we got inside.  We decided to order our food to go instead of dining in, and the waitstaff and sushi chefs were very sweet while we waited.  They brought us a couple of oranges cut up and some vanilla crackers.  That helped keep Dutch occupied.  When we unpacked our containers at home, we realized that they had included an entire extra container of sushi!  I don't know if this was by accident or just an act of generosity, but we were certainly happy about it.  Here's what we got for $40 (after tip):

Everything was delicious and there was no way the two of us could eat it all.  I'm embarrassed to say, but we actually had to throw some of it out!  I would definitely return.

4. Signature Sport Wings, Carrollton - Meezy had a craving for pizza, so we decided to try out a local buffet that also specialized in wings.  We went for lunch one day while Dutch was in daycare.  The all-you-can-eat price during lunch was $8.99/person.  When we walked inside, we were quite surprised at the size of the buffet, but not in a good way.  It was a tiny area with very few dishes.  There was only one pizza on the buffet.  There were a few different varieties of wings, and then french fries, chicken fingers, pepperoni rolls, catfish, and onion rings.  The food was not good, except for the pepperoni rolls.  I was quite disappointed, especially for the price we paid!  Definitely never going back.  We had to drive over to Sonic for some dessert afterward because we were not full after eating there! 

While I'm giving reviews, I want to mention a couple of businesses that kicked ass this month:

The red light on my Dyson started flashing every time I tried to vacuum, and the roller brush would stop spinning.  My vacuum isn't covered under warranty because I bought it refurbished from Amazon, but I called Dyson anyway.  They tried to troubleshoot over the phone, but we couldn't get a resolution.  They referred me to a local Dyson repair shop (I35 & W Belt Line Rd).  I didn't figure it'd be cheap to get looked at, but surely it would be cheaper than buying a new one!  The guys there were so nice.  They told me they'd look at it and try to troubleshoot without doing anything that would cost me.  I left it with them and they called me after a couple of hours saying they had cleared a blockage from the extension arm and removed a sensor on the front panel that might've caused the light to flash red (when it really didn't need to).  I went to pick it up and they didn't charge me anything!  I was shocked.  I know they didn't have to replace any parts, but I figured they would at least have some sort of diagnostic fee just for looking at the vacuum.  Nope! 

A while ago, Riley chewed through the leather strap on my beloved Michael Kors tote.  I called a local MK store and they referred me to Deno's of Highland Park.  They assured me they could fix it, and I braced myself for what the cost would be.  Much to my surprise, it was a very pleasant number.  Only $15.  Whew!  I paid a pretty penny for that tote, so it was refreshing to hear that it could be salvaged and for just  a small amount.  I also brought some heels there to get new tips put on.  I was very pleased with their work.  Here's the before and after:


You can hardly notice the repair!  You would definitely have to look very closely to see that it has been stitched together again.  Great job!

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