Monday, March 18, 2013

Vegas 2013

Meezy and I gave ourselves a much deserved mini-Spring Break this year.  We went to Vegas with his brother and wife from Wednesday night to Saturday night.  Dutch stayed with my parents, so we knew we had nothing to worry about and that he'd get some awesome bonding time with his Oma and Opa.  I was lucky enough to get daily pictures sent to me from my Mom, because she knew I'd be missing my kiddo like crazy.  Here are the ones she sent:

  very happy at breakfast time

enjoying some strawberries, pasta, and green beans

early morning bottle with his Opa

LOVING the outdoors 

tuckered out from all the fun

As far as the trip went, besides a minor snafu with our shuttle from the airport to the hotel, everything was awesome!  We love Vegas because the atmosphere is just so fun and you have no responsibilities or obligations.  You can pretty much live carefree for a few days.  Seth, Katie, and Meezy spent a lot of time playing craps.  The casinos have these machines where you can play without having to be at a table.  It's more relaxed and personal and there are no dealers.  Since the drinks were a-flowing, Seth and Meezy made sure it was a lively time.  Some of the funniest moments from the trip took place around that craps machine.  ("Trouble just rolled up." "Who's the shooter?  Who's the shooter?  Oh, I'm the shooter.").   Katie and I sat back and enjoyed the show.

We enjoyed some yummy meals while we were there.  We ate at Hash House A Go Go (known for their ridiculously large portion sizes), Grand Lux Cafe, I Heart Burgers, Lagasse's Stadium, and Tao Asian Bistro (Crunchy Spicy Yellowtail roll was delicious).  

Tao dinner date

On our last day there, we stopped by the Fashion Show Mall to kill some time.  As you might've guessed, there was a fashion show going on!  It was pretty cool because the stage and runway emerged from the ground.  

huge glass enclosure is normally underground

We were happy to show Seth and Katie why we like Vegas so much since Seth had never been and Katie had only gone once about 6 years ago.  It wasn't necessary, but they got us a very sweet thank you card and a stockpile of goodies, in addition to paying for a couple of our meals.  The nicest part was how thoughtful their thank you gift was - they had heard us talking a couple days prior about how Meezy only loved chocolate candy and I only loved hard candy like sweettarts and skittles.  What do you know - that's exactly what they got us.  I didn't even know they were paying attention!  It may not sound like much, but I value when someone takes the time to put some thought into their gift.  It meant a lot to us! 

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