Wednesday, March 27, 2013

And Then It Hit Me

Big news around the Meezy household today: we're buying a new house!  Commence freak-out.  It's not like I haven't bought a house before, but this time feels different.  I have 3,500 square feet of stuff to pack up and move to a new house, with a baby and 2 dogs in tow.  That's new to me.  Part of that "stuff" is a shuffleboard table and pool table that are currently situated upstairs and need to be disassembled, moved, and reassembled by professionals.  The quote I've gotten on just those two items was $500.  Sheeeeeesh.  Lemme think on that.

The new house is exciting for many reasons!  We're moving closer to Dutch's daycare, his doctor, my doctor, my dentist, some of our friends, my sports leagues (if I ever get well again), and most importantly - my sister!  It'll be so nice to live within walking distance of her house.  The other big plus is that the new house has a pool!  We've been talking about a pool ever since we moved into our current house almost 5 years ago, and since we didn't think it was cost-effective to install it ourselves, we finally pulled the trigger on buying a home with an existing one.  I am SO looking forward to laying out by the pool this summer.  The new house is also set up really well for entertaining.  It's a ranch-style house with most of the square footage on the first floor.  The only rooms upstairs are a guest room, a hobby room, and a full bathroom.  That's perfect for guests staying over, to have their own section of the house.  It's especially nice if those guests have kids, because the second room can be for their kiddos, so that they're nearby, but not in the same room!

It feels like it's been so long since the last time I moved, that I don't even know where to begin.  So many addresses to change, services to transfer, logistics to be planned, etc.  My excitement was slightly halted when it hit me how much work I had ahead of me in the coming weeks.  But, it'll all be worth it!  Can't wait for my little family to start the next exciting chapter of our lives.

Pretty stoked about our circular drive!

Where I'll be spending a lot of the summer


Little Cash Big Dreams said...


hooker477 said...

That looks awesome, Janet! Congrats!

Grant & Courtney said...

Congrats, Janet! What a beautiful home! Yes, moving is a pain...but so worth it! Dutch is going to love growing up with that awesome backyard. :)

vanweezy said...

Thanks! It also has a large separate side yard that we could put a playset in later. Looking forward to Dutch growing up here.