Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bye, Bye Bottles

Well, the time has come.  No more bottles for Dutchie!  We started giving him a sippy cup a few weeks ago, and it took him a little getting used to.  More of the milk ended up on his shirt than in his mouth.  But, with persistence, he got the hang of it.  In the mornings, we still gave him a bottle, because he wailed if we didn't.  Kids are so funny - even at 13 months, they can have fierce preferences!  I'd hand him a sippy cup first thing in the morning, and he would violently shake his hands back and forth and cry.  I'd hand him a bottle and he'd be perfectly fine and lay back and drink it.  (What a diva!)  I did that for a few days until his teacher at daycare reprimanded me for it.  Lol.  She said I needed to just cut out the bottles cold turkey and he would quickly change his attitude.  She was right!  I think we had one more morning of it being a fight, but then the next day he was fine with it.  I did stack the deck a little in my favor by buying a sippy cup that mimicked a bottle, to ease the transition.  It was really tall with a simple lid, and he had to hold it with two hands in order to drink it.  I think it confused him a little bit because he didn't know if he should be upset about it or not!  Haha.  But, hey, it worked.  Now I can give him any type of sippy cup in the morning, and he's good to go.  So, tonight I'm packing up all the bottles!  Crazy to think about how much he is growing up.  He's also transitioning into a new class at daycare in a couple of weeks, with some kids that are quite a bit older than him!  His cousin, Lexie, is in the adjoining class, and she's turning 2 in July.  They'll be together in the mornings, and sometimes in the afternoons, so that's exciting.  He'll sit at a table to eat his meals and nap on a cot during the day.  Whaaaaaat?  That's big kid talk!  I guess I'll have to accept that he's growing up. :(   

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