Thursday, April 25, 2013

Our Own Style

Don't get me wrong, we love our new house, but there are various aspects of it that don't mesh with our personal style.  Luckily a lot of it can be easily fixed, so we're knocking those items out one by one.  First up was the interesting blue toilet in the powder room.  It was running constantly, so we knew it needed new guts.  Instead of replacing them, we decided to just go ahead and buy a whole new toilet.  I know that doesn't sound frugal, but when you take a look at this beauty, I think you can see why we made the decision we did.

Yeahhhhh, that's just not going to work for us.  Luckily, toilets are pretty affordable, and we purchased a new one and got it installed by Home Depot.  It's a dual flush one, so we're feeling fancy.

Don't worry, that wallpaper is on the replacement list too.  Next up were the outlet and switch covers that were antique brass.  I replaced about 10 of them, because they were (luckily) only in a couple of rooms.  The crazy thing is that they probably cost the previous homeowner about $12 each.  Yowza!

Other cool stuff we've purchased lately has been for the backyard.  We're pretty excited about spending a lot of time by the pool this summer, so we knew we needed some outdoor furniture.  

I call that large chaise lounge the Queen's Lounger!  Haha.  That one came from Sears, the tan and red ones came from Garden Ridge (we bought 2 of each color) and the striped pillows came from Pottery Barn.

There are tons of other new things I'll be posting about in the coming weeks including tile in the entryway, wood in the game room, paint in lots of rooms, bedding, towels, mirrors, and rugs.  Okay, I just got a little overwhelmed by typing all that out!  It's a lot of work making this house our own, but it's going to be fun having a "custom" house at the end of it.  

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