Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Next Attempt

My herniated disk (causing severe sciatica) hadn't gotten any better over the past month, so the next attempt was an epidural cortisone injection.  It's not meant to actually remedy the herniated disk, but it should hopefully provide immediate pain relief so that I can perform exercises and stretches that might help correct the underlying problem.  It's a routine outpatient treatment, so I was happy to give it a shot in favor of a major surgery.  I checked in to the surgical center at 8am yesterday, got IV fluids around 9am, and the procedure started around 10:30.  I was put under general anesthesia, so I had no pain related to the procedure, and was happy to not be awake for it!  Meezy came to pick me up around 11:30 and I was home by noon.  Immediately following the procedure, I was tired and nauseated, but that went away within a couple of hours.  For the rest of the night, my right leg was pretty numb and heavy, so walking was a little scary.  Today, though, I'm not feeling any residual effects from the injection.  I've been told it could take up to two weeks to start feeling relief from it, so I'm anxiously crossing my fingers for that to happen.  There's no telling how long the pain will subside, or if it will even get rid of all the pain, but I'm hopeful it will at least help.  I'm so ready to attack the root of the problem without having to deal with the constant interruptions the sciatica causes my daily life.     

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