Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Since our house is on the market, we're constantly tweaking things here and there that we feel give off a bad impression.  With dogs in the household, it's inevitable they are going to take a toll on furniture, walls, carpet, etc.  A few unlucky recipients of their craziness were the banisters along our staircase.  When we put up a doggy gate to prevent them from going upstairs, they would scratch at the nearby banisters in protest.  Since we have put the gate in multiple locations over time, many of the banisters got damaged.  I hated how they looked, but I didn't know how to correct the problem.  Do we sand and re-stain?  Do we paint them?  Both of those options sounded really time-consuming.  Thank goodness I stumbled across Old English Scratch Cover when I was at Home Depot.  It's like magic in a bottle!  They have one for light woods and one for dark woods.  Check out the voodoo it performed on my banisters:

Are you kidding me?  I seriously can not believe the improvement. What a super cheap ($5) and easy way to make those look new again.  I might go back and buy the bottle for dark woods to see if it can help with all the scratches in our coffee table, courtesy of the dogs.  If this is any indication, it most certainly will!

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The Wunnik said...

I may need to try that on the railing of our crib, on the places Olivia and Lexie clawed and bit when they were younger that are now all scratched up!