Monday, June 25, 2012

Mo Ranch Trip

This past weekend we traveled to Mo Ranch in Hunt, TX for a mini family reunion of sorts.  I've been going to Mo Ranch with my immediate family since I was a baby, and in the past few years we've started inviting extended family to join us out there.  This year the attendees were my parents, both of my sisters and their families, my brother-in-law's parents, my aunt, and one of my cousins and his family.  I love doing outdoorsy stuff, and this is a great place to do just that since it's right on the Guadalupe River.  There's a water slide into the river, a rope swing, a large pool and a toddler pool, a rapids area, sand volleyball, tennis, a baseball field, a large playground, fishing, hiking, and great community areas for a big family to sit around and reminisce and share stories.  Here are some pictures from our fun family vacation!  Looking forward to going back in a couple years.


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