Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Adventures

The first part of this post is going to be TMI.  You've been warned.  My son, like most men I'm guessing, can be quite predictable when it comes to his bathroom breaks.  Around my house, we say Dutch has a "morning constitutional."  Without fail, he sullies his diaper around the same time each day.  I don't mean like he just needs a diaper change, I mean like he cleans out his colon and there will be collateral damage.  When it's a day he's staying home with me, I try not to dress him until that event occurs, because his outfit would've probably gotten soiled if it was already on him.  When it's a day he's going to daycare, lots of times I have to alert the staff that he needs an immediate diaper change upon arrival (and possibly a new outfit), because it happens on the car ride over.  When it happens a couple days in a row, I start to feel bad and change him myself in the back of my car before bringing him in!  If by some miracle the event hasn't happened by the time I drop him off, when I pick him back up I get confirmation that it did indeed occur at some point during the day because I notice he's wearing something different from what he arrived in.  The guy just has some force behind his expulsions, no doubt about it.

With that said, Meezy and I took a trip to the grocery store in the morning on Father's Day to get a bunch of stuff for meals for the week.  Dutch hadn't partaken in the morning constitutional by the time we were ready to leave the house, so I packed an extra diaper and outfit in my purse because I figured it would happen on the car ride over.  Wipes were in the car, so we were set.  By the time we got to the store, I had forgotten that it hadn't happened, so I loaded him up in the Baby Bjorn and we started shopping.  He was facing out so he could see everything that was going on, and we were moseying along, filling up our cart.  As we got to the lunch meat section, it happened.  IT happened.  The sound resembled a very loud, forceful raspberry, and my immediate reaction was "Oh, no."  A quick glance over to Meezy's face quickly informed me that "Oh, no" did not begin to cover it.  I looked down and there was green liquid poop on my shirt, running down my pants, and in a puddle on the floor.  Meezy pointed me to the bathroom and I made a beeline for it.  That's when I realized that I hadn't brought in the wipes.  I grabbed a bunch of paper towels, wet them, and started the clean-up process.  Luckily I was wearing two layering tank tops, because the top one went directly into the trash.  Dutch's outfit?  Trash.  I cleaned him up, gave him a new diaper, and put him in the extra outfit I had in my purse.  I attempted some clean-up on my jeans, but water on paper towels just didn't cut it.  I got to walk around the store for the rest of our shopping trip with one pant leg that was soaked in water, with green streaks peeking through.  Classy.  In the meantime, Meezy had grabbed paper towels and handled the clean-up on the ground.  Thank goodness no one else noticed, or no one else let on that they noticed, because I would have been mortified!  That was a fun little parenting experience.

The other Father's Day adventures were much more gratifying!  Dutch rolled over for the first time!  He's done this in the past when he's been on a sloped surface, but never on flat ground.  Our friend Brian was over watching soccer with us, and I had put Dutch on the ground on his playmat.  He rolled from his back to his stomach, like it was no big thing!  Every time I turned him back, he would roll right over again!  It's funny how once kids learn a new skill, they just want to keep doing it over and over again.  It's also pretty exciting to see your son do something for the first time.  He did successfully roll from his stomach to his back on Monday, but he hasn't been able to consistently do that sequence over and over again yet.       

The last awesome part of Father's Day was the fact that Dutch slept for 9.5 hours.  Hoooooly schnikes.  That's the first time I've ever put him to bed at night and not had to go back in there until the morning.  Of course I still woke up multiple times out of habit, and to check on him, but still - we were pretty happy!  Here's hoping we get more nights like that in the future.



Katie said...

We were visiting my in laws when Samantha was a few months old. She had been asleep in the carseat all during church, but my mother in law wanted to carry her up for communion. She had Sam in her lap and I look over to see poop down my mother in laws leg and all over the floor of the church. It was mortifying.

I can't believe how big Dutch is getting! He is so handsome

vanweezy said...

Haha, thanks for sharing! I was so glad Jer was with me at the store, or I would've really felt overwhelmed! I can't believe how big Dutch is getting either. I was just telling Jer that it's crazy that our kid is rolling over already. It's like you think your kid is going to be at a certain age/stage forever, and you forget that he's going to grow up!