Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Big Ol' Baby

A couple weeks ago I went to my normal doctor appointment and she did the fundal height measurement.  All along I had been measuring right on with the baby's gestational age, but at this appointment I measured large.  I was 34 weeks along, but the fundal height was more like 37 weeks.  My doctor recommended I get a sonogram to make sure there wasn't too much fluid or that the baby was getting too large.  I went a couple days later and the sonogram tech took a few measurements from the ultrasound to try and guesstimate the baby's weight.  Her estimate was 6lbs 13oz.  At 34 weeks, that's quite a large baby!  Considering the baby had the potential to gain 1/2 a pound a week, and I could still have 6 weeks to go at that point, we were talking about a 9-10lb baby!  Yowza.  I went again this week (36 weeks along) to see if he had continued his growth, or if it had slowed down some.  Luckily he didn't follow the 1/2 a pound a week pace, and they estimated his weight to be 7lbs 6oz at this point.  So, he gained about 4.5oz a week based on their measurements.  With 4 weeks potentially left, that would put me on track for more like an 8.5lb baby.  I have another sonogram set up for 2 weeks from now (38 weeks along), to check and see how things look at that point.  Assuming baby Dutch doesn't decide to come on his own in the next two weeks, we probably won't make a decision as to how to proceed with the delivery until we get the results from the 38week scan.  In the meantime, I am going to my doctor weekly now to see if the preparations for labor have started.  No dice yet! 


Salt said...

Glad, to see you're pregnancy is going smoothly with a nice, fat baby!

vanweezy said...

Thanks! Hopefully he has some height to go with that weight, or I might be birthing a Jabba the Hutt. Lol.

CGC said...

Don't let them freak you out about the weight! They can be wrong up to 8 ounces! But on the flip side, big babies are way cuter!! Totally worth the extra pushing, I'm glad they let me stay pregnant until we knew he was all done baking and didn't try to take Lloyd early. But that's me! Just know your body won't let you bake a baby bigger than you can push out, it's amazing how smart our bodies are! Sweet baby Dutch is going to have such cute cheeks (both sets!). :)