Monday, January 16, 2012

Journal of Janet

I was fortunate enough to be thrown two more baby showers this past weekend, and we are feeling much more confident now about being prepared when the little munchkin decides to make an appearance!  Our nursery is filled to the brim, thanks to our generous friends and family!  Besides things from our registries, we received a few more very thoughtful homemade gifts! 

My friend, Katie, made this adorable knitted cap:

My friend, Rachel, (who is 37 weeks pregnant btw!) made Dutch this blanket in my favorite colors, orange and green.

Previously I picked out fabrics that I liked for a blanket my mom would make, and she gave it to me on Saturday.  I love, love, love it!

Here's the sweet little tag that she stitched into it:

I saved the best homemade gift for last.  My mom did an awesome job of keeping journals while she raised my sisters and I.  When the two of them got pregnant with their first child, she transcribed their journals onto her computer and then printed them out and bound them.  I knew she had done this, so I have been eagerly anticipating getting my journal for the past few months!  She gave it to me this past weekend, and it's truly an amazing gift to give your child.  Now I have a written record of so many memories and milestones from my birth through age 11, as seen through the eyes of my mom.  It's neat to see when I started crawling, walking, talking, etc, and I'll be able to compare Dutch's future milestones to mine.  Here's a few pics of excerpts from the journal.  Lots of entries cracked me up!

Around 9 months old

just shy of 2 years old

27 months old

34 months old

35 months old

44 months and 47 months

just shy of 7 years old

7 years and a few months (my skepticism apparently started early!)

And then, of course, the last page of the journal that I can't read without getting choked up:


CGC said...

Oh my gosh!! That journal is amazing!!!!

Michele said...

Oh Janet! That is such an amazing gift!