Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It's Coming Together!

I'm finally feeling like I'm getting close to a functioning nursery.  Even though our munchkin will be spending a lot of his time early on in my arms or in the co-sleeper in our room, it'll still be nice to have everything ready when it's time for him to move into the nursery.  Here are a few pics showing where it's at now:

I'm guessing the sink in the room will come in handy!  I like having it separate from the toilet and tub/shower that's next door because I can decorate this area for a kid, but leave the main part of the bathroom still looking like an adult's guest bathroom if we have a guest staying in the adjacent bedroom.

I picked up this wall decoration from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  It doesn't scream out child's room, but I really liked what it had to say, and thought it would be good to serve as inspiration to us and our kiddo when he's able to read.

I did this quick little painting to hang above the closet doors.  My favorite quote is "The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."  So, I shortened it just a bit and fancied it up with the orange dots.  I'd like my son to learn from an early age about selflessness and charity, and this will help me teach him that.

Here's a wide view of the majority of the room.  We don't have a lot of floor space left because we've got all our big furniture pieces bought, but we're still lacking in the bedding area.  I need a mattress pad, some sheets, and possibly a bedskirt and then I think we'll be in good shape.

And lastly a close-up of the crib and bookcase.  Next to the crib (not shown) is a dresser filled to the brim with clothes for Dutch, and once we get a changing pad, we'll put that on top of it.

34 weeks today, so let the countdown begin!

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Unknown said...

You, my dear, sweet friend, are going to be an amazing parent. I love how much time, effort, and thought you have put into Dutch's room. Secondly, my heart is so happy that you put that quote over his closet. I truly love that quote (which I learned from you) and I have made an effort to live my life with it in mind. I'm amazed by you every day. xoxo