Thursday, August 11, 2011

What a Difference a Few Weeks Makes

Wanna see what a baby looks like at 7 weeks?  Good luck!  There's not much to see!

Is anybody home?

This is the ultrasound I got to see at 7 weeks.  Baby boy just looked like a little dot.  The main purpose was seeing the flickering heartbeat, though.  That was very gratifying.  Unfortunately my hubby was out of the country on the day of my appointment, so I brought my sister with me for moral support (you'll find out more about this later).  I was so nervous and already crying before the ultrasound even started.  As soon as the picture came up on the screen and there was a flicker, my sister exclaimed, "That's a heartbeat!!"  It was awesome.

Now here's what my baby looked like at 9 weeks.  Look at the progression!

There's somebody in there!

It's amazing how things changed in 2 short weeks.  We could actually see the head and the arms and legs.  We could also see the umbilical cord.  What a joy!  I really started feeling confident about the pregnancy at this point.  We had reached another milestone, and everything was still looking good.

And here's our latest ultrasound, taken at 12 weeks:

Hi baby!

Look how much detail there is now!  We could see individual fingers and toes, and some bones.  We could even tell that the baby's feet were crossed.  The doctor says it's a boy, so I guess I'll refer to the baby as HE now!  Every time he moved during the ultrasound, my heart skipped a beat.  I couldn't believe that was happening inside me, and I couldn't feel a thing!  Can't wait to keep tracking how much he grows and develops in the coming weeks. 

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Mom said...

I think he already resembles his Opa!