Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Riley Weight Loss - Update 4

I took Riley in for his annual exam, and the vet said he looked great!  His weight is 43lbs, which is 1.5lbs less than he was at his last visit 6 months ago.  I know that doesn't seem like a lot of difference, but it's a 3% weight loss, and we'll take it!  We're getting closer and closer to the goal.  I can't believe he's lost 17lbs since we started this (that's a 28% weight loss!).  Lots of people have commented on how much skinnier he looks, but I have a hard time seeing it since I'm around him so much.  I did notice it last time I got back from a vacation though.  He seemed smaller!  I think our overall goal will be to get his weight to about 35-38lbs.  I get the feeling I'll be looking to lose weight too, come spring of next year, so hopefully we can experience some success together.     

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