Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

I've got a ton of pictures to upload from our awesome vacation in New York, but unfortunately there's a more pressing matter at hand.  Our stupid water heater in the attic burst!  We don't know how long it had been gushing water since it was happening upstairs and we couldn't hear it downstairs.  We got home from our trip, ate dinner, and tried to relax for a few minutes.  I went into my closet to start unpacking our suitcase and I heard the sound of running water.  That's not unusual if the washer is on, or someone is flushing the toilet upstairs, but when you know that neither of those things are happening...something is wrong!!  I ran upstairs and heard the water, and saw it coming through the ceiling.  I yelled at Meezy to tell him what was happening, and he rushed outside to turn off the water supply.  What a nightmare!  Our other water heater burst earlier this year, but it was over the garage, so it wasn't a big deal.  This one is a bit more of a problem.  The water leaked through the ceiling into our gameroom, soaking the items on that wall, and the carpet beneath it.  It's definitely going to require some repairs, not to mention a new water heater!  I just hope it doesn't ruin our shuffleboard table and wall-mounted TV.  They definitely had water dripping on them for a while.  I guess we're lucky it happened the day we got back, and not while we were in another state!

  This is how much water my steam cleaner soaked up on the first run

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