Monday, August 29, 2011


If you aren't in a Supper Club, you should be.  Ours is called 'Bacon Gang' and we met again yesterday for a Mexican Fiesta.  The menu was ridonkulous!  Burritos, Mexican chicken casserole, Mexican beef casserole, tamales, 7-layer dip, queso, salsa, and guacamole.  For dessert, Rebecca made us an amazing snickers/oreo concoction, drizzled with caramel.  Delish! 

Our newest members, Jenn and John, immediately got in the spirit by bringing some candles and a piñata.  Muy bien!

We let my niece, Olivia, have a turn at the piñata. 

Unfortunately, she wasn't strong enough to bust it open, so the adults had to get involved!

(got a little dangerous when Rebecca hit the tree with the broomstick and broke a piece off, LOL)

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