Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They'll Know of our Love 5000 Miles Away!

When Meezy and I traveled to Germany last year, we visited a bridge on the Rhine River in Koln where couples wrote their names or something else sentimental on a lock, attached it to the bridge to signify their bond to each other, and then threw the key in the river to assure it would never be opened, or broken.  We thought it was such a cute idea, but didn't have time to go to a store and buy a lock and then return to the bridge to add ours.  The friend we were visiting in Germany, Kim, remembered our regret at not being able to add our lock, so when she came to visit us this month, she brought a lock along with her.  She told us to write what we wanted on it, and then said she'd bring it to the bridge and attach it for us.  Wasn't that sweet??   

Here's what we wrote on our lock:

And here's where she'll be attaching it:

Kim's gesture was incredibly thoughtful, and I look forward to visiting our lock in Koln some day!

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Lauren said...

Okay that is so cool!!