Monday, March 7, 2016

Dutch Turns Four

My first born turned 4 last month and we marked the occasion with a party at Kids Zone at Globe Life Park. I had never been there before, but it looked fun from the pictures online and I wanted to try a different venue than the parties we've been to recently. They have various packages that include a tour of the ballpark, but I knew 4 year olds only cared about playing! So, we rented out just the Kids Zone for a couple hours. We brought in all the food and drinks, but there were enough areas for the kids to play so that we didn't have to worry about the entertainment. There is a large slide that looks like a baseball bat, a rock climbing wall, a video game area for older kids, and a huge multi-level play structure where kids get to explore and climb and play with a lot of foam balls that shoot out of cannons or drop down from above.

We did a SpiderMan theme this year, so my friend Rachel once again supplied the amazing cake balls.

We had a great time celebrating our big kid and the venue was the perfect choice. I definitely wouldn't mind having another event there in the future. I use Dutch's birthday parties as the opportunity to share some of the silly or interesting things he has said over the past year. This year provided some pretty memorable quotes!  

My favorites were: 

- "Do we buy babies?"
- "Can I touch this floor that I'm already touching?"
- "I don't like what grown ups eat."
- "You know what's raspberry? Strawberry."
- "Sometimes my mind just thinks all the great things."
- "Man, my daddy is just wearing me out." 

My little Dutch boy may be four going on fourteen sometimes, but he makes me laugh literally every day. His smile melts my heart and his constant quest for knowledge may be tiring, but it's refreshing to see. Love you so much, Dutchie.

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