Friday, August 31, 2012

Vegas Vacation

My sisters and I went to Vegas for a few days recently.  Since we each have very young kids, it was quite a feat for all of us to be able to get away!  But, it was nice to take a break from motherhood and just have some girls time in a carefree location.

 Silly guy dressed as a gondolier during the Carnevale celebration at Palazzo

Me and my sisters
Luckily our husbands are superstars, so there were no worries about the care our kiddos would receive while we were gone, just worry about missing them so much!  It was definitely weird to be away from my little man for an extended time, since I'm used to spending so much time with him.  I missed him like crazy, but Meezy did an awesome job of texting me pics to keep me happy:

I also got a really cute pic from his daycare, showing off his sitting skills!

It's crazy to think about how much he progresses in his development in just a few short days.  I feel like he has had so many advancements recently- sitting up, holding his own bottle, babbling more, sprouting two teeth, and trying various solid foods.  He's turning into such a big kid!  

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