Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Small Victories

My sister and I completed the Summer Bath Run 5K at White Rock Lake on Sunday, and we achieved our goal!  We weren't hoping to finish in any particular time; we were just hoping to finish without having to walk any part of it!  It was mother-flippin' hot, and we definitely got the urge to take a break towards the end, but we held steady and ran all the way through.  Our time was a little less than 33 minutes, which is nowhere near impressive, but it's a great step for us.  Now we know we can run 3.1 miles without stopping, and we know what time to beat in our next 5K.  I don't remember what my best time has ever been in the past, but I remember running about a 31 minute 5K two years ago.  I need to at least get back to that point!  The funny thing about this race was that there were so few participants so we actually placed pretty high up for our age and weight range.  I missed out on getting an award in my age range by 2 seconds.  My sister actually placed second in the "Athena" weight range and got a trophy!  Haha.  We were stunned, but I think we've stumbled onto something - enter the really small races and you might get a prize!  We're looking to enter another 5K next month, and then we're already signed up for the Jailbreak Run too.  Gotta keep moving!    

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