Friday, July 20, 2012

Mommy and Dutch

This is one of my most favorite pictures that has been taken of me and Dutch.  I went up to his daycare on Thursday because they were doing a special activity where they learned about sea life, wore leis, did some artwork, played with bubbles, etc.  I got to take a break from my busy day and spend a few fun minutes with my son.  I think you can see the joy he brings me, just by looking at my face.

I love that he goes to daycare a few days a week and gets to spend time with other caregivers and kids.  The socialization is great for him, and I think it will be good preparation for when the time comes that he goes to school full-time.  He's too young to really "play" with the other kids yet, but he loves standing in the exersaucer and watching them.  You can tell he's intrigued by them, and wants to join in!

The part of my day that I always look forward to the most is putting Dutch to bed.  I put him into an adorable pair of footed pajamas and then read him a book.  Sometimes it's the recordable storybook that his Oma and Opa in Amarillo recorded for him, which means I just turn the pages and he listens to their voices.  Other times it's a silly Dr. Seuss book or a book with lots of pictures of animals.  If he starts fidgeting or twisting around to look at me, I know it's rocking time!  I put him on my shoulder and we rock back and forth in the chair until he falls asleep.  It's so peaceful and comforting...for both of us!

I have to admit, sometimes I continue to rock him long after he's already fallen asleep.  There's just something about having your kiddo on your shoulder, preciously sleeping.

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