Thursday, February 10, 2011

Welcome, Baby Ryan!

This week I was able to meet Ryan, the newest addition for my friends, Matt and Kari.  It's not like I haven't seen numerous newborns in my lifetime, but I always seem to say, "Oh, he's so little!" everytime I see one.  LOL.  I guess, as time passes between holding one, you forget how small they start out!  He was so incredibly precious, and bore a very striking resemblance to his older brother, Connor, at that age.  I spent an hour holding him, and he was the perfect baby the entire time! 

Besides being thrilled to meet the little guy for the first time, I also loved having the opportunity to catch up with Kari.  I miss her being my coworker, because then we could hang out all the time!  I will definitely make a better effort to see her, and the rest of her awesome family, more often this year.

Since it seems like 80% of the women I know are pregnant, this will be the first of many "Welcome to the world" posts this year!  Stay tuned.  :)

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McNicoll Family said...

I loved having time to catch up as well! I really do miss our lunch dates at Merit! :( Let's get better about getting together.