Friday, February 11, 2011

Haverty's - They're Doing it Right!

I love it when I come across a company that provides awesome customer service.  I don't just mean "customer service" in the sense of handling a complaint; I mean it in the sense of really serving their customer's needs.  I bought a chaise lounge from Haverty's this week, and it was scheduled to be delivered today during a 2-hour window of time.  If you've ever dealt with deliveries or repairmen, you know that there are often large discrepancies between when they say they'll arrive, and when they actually do.  I recently dealt with a company that gave me a 5-hour window, and that was pretty atrocious.  If you work full-time, outside your home, you dread having to set up any appointments like this.  You're pretty much at their mercy, and can't risk trying to venture a guess at when they'll show up. 

When I logged into my account on Haverty's website to review my order, I was given the option to "Follow the Truck."  This. Is. Awesome.  I was able to see the schedule of all the deliveries for the day, their general location, the truck's progress, and where I stood in line.  This way, I would know if they were running behind, or in my case, if they'd be early.  Here's what it looked like halfway through the morning:

How great is that? I kept tracking it as the day went on, and then I even received a call from Haverty's at noon to let me know they'd be a little early.  I already knew that, though, based on the truck's progress!  They ended up arriving around 12:50, and took all of 2 minutes to unload and set up the chaise.  They even put felt on the legs before bringing it in so it wouldn't scratch my hardwood.  I can't tell you how impressed I was with this experience with Haverty's.  I'm definitely going to consider them for our future furniture needs, and recommend them to anyone who asks.  This is how customer service should be!   


jo mama said...

You should email them. Companies need to hear when they are doing it right.

vanweezy said...

I filled out their follow-up survey and let them know how much I loved their delivery process! (I also told the delivery driver too)