Monday, February 14, 2011

Oh, the memories!

When Meezy and I traveled to Europe last year, I tried to save as many souvenirs and mementos as I could, to help us document and remember our trip.  Up until this past weekend, those items had just sat in folders on the desk in my office.  I finally decided I needed to do something with them, and set aside a few hours yesterday for that purpose.  I've done scrapbooks in the past, and they tend to be TONS of work, with very few people ever seeing them.  They also usually get stuffed in a drawer or under the coffee table, and quickly get forgotten.  I figured I would do something differently with these special items, though.  I'd organize them in such a way that they would be seen more often, and by more people.  Here's the finished product:

I used a 30" x 24" frame (with glass), and just attached my items to the cardboard that came with it.  I'm so proud of it!  It includes postcards, receipts, tickets, business cards, hotel keys, newspaper clippings, maps, pamphlets, and coins.  It's hanging in my living room now, so every time I walk by it I can remember how much fun we had.  It was really awesome just to put it together because I got to relive the amazing memories we made.

My favorite items on the "memory poster" are:

1) The Wimbledon ticket stub from the Ladies Final (near top center)
2) The Musee Oceanographique ticket stub (near middle center)
3) The Nurburgring access card (near bottom center)
4) The newspaper clipping with the aerial shot of the 200,000 Dutch fans (including us!) cheering on Holland during the World Cup Final (bottom right) 

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Little Cash Big Dreams said...

Nicely done! With all the traveling you two do you can easily make a dinner/coffee table piece like this!