Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Riley Weight Loss - Update 3

Meezy recently took Riley to the vet for his weigh-in and to buy him some more diet food.  I can't tell you how excited I was when I heard the results!  His current weight is 44.5 lbs.  That's 5 pounds less than it was in September, and more than 15 pounds less than he was at his heaviest!  We're so proud!  We felt horrible knowing that his weight gain was entirely our fault, so we're happy now to be responsible for his weight loss.  Now that I'm getting mobility back, 3 months after my kneecap fracture, I'm excited about taking him for more outdoor activities.  We'll continue regulating his diet and definitely increase his exercise in the coming months.  I am confident we can get him back to a healthy weight before the year is over.  The vet said that when he reaches 40 lbs, they will examine him again and decide on a target weight.  Then, when he reaches that, we'll just work on weight maintenance.  Yay for getting this guy healthy again!!


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