Monday, February 22, 2010

The Highlights

I'm a little behind in getting to this post, but you know how it goes!  2009 was a really fantastic year for me and it gives me a lot of positive hope for 2010 to be just as good.  Here are some of the highlights from my life in 2009:

- Got Lasik surgery and freed myself from contacts

- Vacationed in Vegas (twice!)

- Joined a sand volleyball league

- Joined a Supper Club

- Watched two Rangers games from the Commissioner's box

- Played Whirlyball  and Top Golf often

- Volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, North Texas Food Bank, and Komen Race for the Cure
- Watched some great friends get married

- Cheered on Tech football in Lubbock, Stillwater, and Dallas

- Welcomed an exchange student from Germany into our home for 6 months

- Took a week-long vacation to San Francisco, Hollywood, and San Diego

- Went to see Daniel Tosh, Jim Gaffigan, and Mike Birbiglia

- Watched my beautiful niece Olivia learn so many new things

I'm sure there were plenty more exciting moments that happened last year, but I had to cap it somewhere!  Here's what I'm looking forward to in 2010 (some have already happened):

- Watching some great friends get married
- Traveling to St. Louis to watch 49ers vs. Rams game
- Donating bone marrow
- Eating at the rotating restaurant atop Reunion Tower
- Participating in Warrior Dash
- Running numerous 5Ks
- Playing sand volleyball
- Seeing Eddie Izzard
- Traveling to Vegas for a friend's wedding
- Going to Wimbledon
- Meeting our exchange student's family
- Traveling to London, Paris, Amsterdam, Maastricht, and Cologne
- Welcoming a new nephew into the world
- Learning Dutch

If there's anything I've learned in the past couple of years, it has been to enjoy every minute of life.  If every one of my weekends from here on out is full of activities, that's fine.  If I'm doing what I love and spending time with family and friends, then there is no time better spent.

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Unknown said...

Such an exciting year! I'm just glad that the hubs and I often fit into your weekends and get to share fun moments with you and Jer!