Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes

It's amazing to watch how much your kid starts to better comprehend things, and even more fun when they can use their vocabulary. Our kiddo is quite the talker and I thought I'd share some of the things he has said over the past year. Sometimes he impresses me, sometimes he shocks me, and sometimes he just plain makes me laugh.  It's really just neat to see his progression.

20 months
- As his punishment ended, he said, "bye, bye timeout."

21 months
- Said, "all done, vacuum" when he saw it, because he hates when I vacuum.
- When the dogs finished their business outside, he said, "Come on, guys!" and beckoned towards them with his hand.

22 months
- When I held a drink up for him so he could drink through a straw, he got mad and wanted to do it himself. He motioned with his hands and said, "set right here" so I would put it down and he could pick it up himself.
- Says, "excuse me" when you're in his way.

23 months
- He saw me in my fuzzy robe and didn't like it and said, "take that shirt off."
- Told Meezy to "hush" a few times.
- To a boy at daycare, he said, "stop pushing!"
- I pulled out one of his art projects and he said, "I did that."
- When he woke up with a full diaper, he said, "Too much water."
- Saw Meezy open the messages app on his phone and said, "no texting, Dada."

24 months
- Meezy had a Conan clip playing on Youtube and he exclaimed, "It's Conan!"
- Tells me sometimes, "don't sing, mommy."
- Wanted to watch Thomas and said, "Remote! Where are you?"
- Will see Meezy and say, "How are you, dada?"
- When I was leaning off the bed to reach for something, he said, "Be careful."

25 months
- Got in the car and said, "Go see Opa.  Go see Oma too."
- When he's grumpy in the morning he says, "Don't touch Dutchie."
- Saw me change a lightbulb and said, "Mommy, that's awesome!  You did that!"
- Saw me yawn and said, "You're tired."

26 months
- I had the jelly and bread out and he asked, "Where's the peanut butter?"
- He woke up crying one morning, "I need ice cream! I need donuts!"
- Got water on his pants and said, "I hurt my pants."
- When he's hungry he says, "I want to pick a snack."

27 months
- Our dog peed on the floor and he said, "That's not nice, Pitties (her nickname). I go get a towel. I gotta clean it up."
- Likes to ask us, "Who's making that noise?"
- I spilled water on him and he said, "It's okay. It was an accident."

28 months
- Says, "I'm just being shy."
- When I reprimanded him, he went to Meezy and said, "Mom talked to me LIKE THAT."
- I told him Meezy was working and he said, "Daddy's not working; he's playing poker with friends."
- I was wearing a sparkly shirt and he pointed to it and said, "I want to wear that."

29 months
- When we discuss whose turn it is to put him to bed, he says, "I'ts mommy's turn. It's daddy's turn tomorrow."
- When we walked outside, he said, "Hey, it rained today. The table is wet. The chair is wet."
- When I let him sleep in my bed when Meezy was out of town, he said, "My daddy's not here.  I love my daddy."
- When reading a book to him, he said, "You missed a page."

30 months
- Says, "Don't see me, mommy" when he's pooping.
- When at the car wash and the machine went from back to front of our car, he said, "Whoa, we going backwards!"
- When he heard a classmate crying, he said, "I cheer her up in a minute."
- Saw a book he hadn't seen in a while and said, "Oh, I forgot this."
- After he cried and there was a tear on his cheek, he said, "I have a cry on my cheek. Cry went in my mouth."
- When Meezy and him were playing together and Meezy wanted to do the game a certain way, Dutch got exasperated and said, "I'm trying to do this, butthole."

31 months
- Was playing with his cars and said, "Get outta here! It's an emergency!"
- Told me, "Don't play with me. Go watch TV. I'm gonna close my eyes."
- When his nose is running he says, "My nose is running out."
- Told me, "I'm so excited to see you!"
- When Meezy sneaks into his room in the mornings so he can lay next to him and then Dutch wakes up, he asks, "You sleep in my bed, Daddy?"

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