Sunday, January 27, 2013

Ten and Eleven Months Old

Oops, I forgot to make a post for Dutch's tenth month.  Hey, things have been a little crazy over the past couple of months!  Here are some pics we took around Christmas, when he was 10 months old:

And then, here is our 11 month old!

The past month has been quite a fun one.  He moved up to taking baths in the full tub instead of in his rubber ducky.  He has enjoyed the new freedom to move around!  He also started making more high-pitched squeals and laughing a lot more.  Unfortunately he also battled double ear infections, some stomach issues for about 5 days, and then got pink eye.  But, the most exciting news of all is that he took his first steps!  The kid has been standing up and walking with assistance for months, so we knew it was bound to happen soon! 

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