Thursday, January 3, 2013

Saving for Dutch

Meezy and I have been putting our spare change (and sometimes bills) into a jug for a while now, and it dawned on me recently that I should actually do something with it.  Since it was the end of the year, I decided to cash it in and open a savings account for Dutch.  Besides the change we've been collecting, Meezy's dad also gave us some money for Dutch at Christmas.  All in all, my initial deposit into his savings account was $420.  Sweet!  We're going to fill the jug up again with our spare change this year, and then do the same thing at the end of 2013.  I'll cash it out and put it into Dutch's account.  Maybe by the time he's 16, there will be enough in there to help him buy a car!  I think this is a fun way to save some spending money for him, because we aren't missing the change, yet it actually adds up to a decent amount.

    Pic doesn't quite do it justice, but that jug was HEAVY!

 $207 in coins alone!

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