Thursday, November 1, 2012

First Halloween

Dutch's first Halloween started off at Baby BOOt camp, where all the kiddos came dressed in their costumes.  After the moms worked out, the kids went from stroller to stroller, collecting goodies.  What's more fun than seeing little kids in adorable costumes? 

My sister also goes to this class, so Dutch got to see his cousins Lexie (fairy godmother) and Livy (rainbow princess) in their costumes as well.

I do declare that this is the cutest dragon I have ever seen!

Later that evening, we handed out candy and juice boxes to trick or treaters.  I think we had at least 70 kids stop by.  We were definitely popular since Meezy bought the full size candy bars to hand out!

Dutch did a great job welcoming the kids to our door. :)

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